First off many thanks for all of you who have prayed for our community and sent in supportive messages.  Our community needs a lot of healing and we are now on the road to recovery but there are many people in our region who are still suffering.

We have decided to continue with this year's event.  The event will be a running only event.  We feel having an event is part of the healing process for the Cape Fear region.  Great things happen when people come together and while this may not be as much anymore about a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Triathlon, it will bring you all together to race and create a memory of hope, understanding, compassion and giving.  And....we still get to race everyone's favorite leg....the run:)

The food trucks, music, and post race beer at Lighthouse Beer and Wine will all still be happening.  Everyone will get their race t-shirt and the orange pajama pants as the swag.  People can still sign up to race and get the swag and a large portion of the proceeds will now go to families who lost everything in the hurricane.  After the race, we will announce how much money will be donated to Hurricane Florence Relief.  

Our committee has discussed this in detail over the last few days and we have explored every option.  We feel strongly that having an event is a positive thing for all of us.  You can also come here to volunteer with many of the groups that are stationed here to help such as Convoy of Hope, Samaritan’s Purse, Port City Community Church, The Red Cross and more.  We will send a detailed list in Thursday's email with where you can volunteer if you so choose.  The more help we get, the faster our community can rebuild.

The race start will be moved to 8:00am at Wrightsville Beach Park to give people more time.

Specific event details will go out Thursday with a full schedule and information on our beer social and relay event.  Thank you for your patience.

Athletes can still sign up, receive swag, and a large portion of the proceeds will go to hurricane recovery efforts.



#1 A truck will be present on Saturday morning to collect needed items.  If you would like to drop off these items we would greatly appreciate it

- Mops and Buckets
- Cleaning Masks
- Nonperishable Foods
- Baby Diapers all sizes
- Formula
- Food and Wipes
- Paper Products
- Garbage Bags
- New socks and underwear + T-shirts
- Toiletries
- Bug Spray
- Pet Food and Cat Litter

#2 A large portion of your participant fee will be donated to the Hurricane Florence relief fund.  There are thousands of people in the Cape Fear Region who have completely lost their homes, vehicles, and personal property to flooding.  Please know that your money is going to a cause that is going to help people get their lives back.  We have seen the devastation first hand, and we cannot express how much you will be helping by supporting this event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

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